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Privacy policy

Medi Expo Ltd. strives to make this site convenient and understandable for you, for this we collect information about its visitors. On this page you will find information about what information about users can be available on astaor.mediexpo.ru and how this information is used.

Collection of information
astaor.mediexpo.ru does not collect information aimed at identifying (determining) specific individuals - users of the Med Expo LLC website. At the same time, during the operation of the site, as well as as a result of the users taking action to use its services, certain information about users becomes available to astaor.mediexpo.ru, the list and uses of which are given below.

Information directly provided by users
astaor.mediexpo.ru provides users with the ability to send applications and questions from the site. The site’s email address and phone number are used by the site solely for sending a list of selected properties to it, replies from representatives of Medi Expo LLC and distribution. The user may at any time interrupt the newsletter using the appropriate link contained in all letters sent to the user by subscription.

Automatically received information
astaor.mediexpo.ru automatically saves the information sent by the user's browser when he visits the site. This information includes the page request, IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time the page was called. The information is used solely to analyze and maintain high-quality technical work of servers astaor.mediexpo.ru

Cookies are small text files that are usually stored on the user's computer until the end of the session, i.e. until the end of work in the browser, but in some cases outside it.
When a user visits astaor.mediexpo.ru, the site sends one or more cookies to the user's computer or another device.
Cookies are used:

Use of cookies and other advertising tools.
The site astaor.mediexpo.ru uses third-party services to track statistics on attendance, obtain information about conversions for advertising campaigns, and others. With the help of these services and tools, astaor.mediexpo.ru does not collect data about specific users, but uses only general statistics on site attendance and performance and on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Below is a list of additional third-party services that are used on astaor.mediexpo.ru, as well as links to the privacy policies of these services..

Google Analytics and Adwords, analytical web service company Google Inc. ("Google")
Google Analytics – Google’s free web analytics service that allows website owners to find out how users interact with their pages. The collection of information in it is anonymous. Google Analytics uses its own cookies to track visitors on the site. They allow you to find out if a user visited a web resource earlier, from where it went to the pages in it, and how much time it spent there.
astaor.mediexpo.ru uses remarketing function Google Analytics. Remarketing in Google Analytics allows you to return users who have previously visited the site, with the help of specially designed ads for them on other sites. Remarketing uses a third-party cookie from DoubleClick. With its help, the Display Network provides remarketing in products such as AdWords. For example, after visiting rielt-sk.ru, a user decided to visit a real estate website that is an AdWords member. With the use of Google Analytics remarketing, he will be shown ads with an offer to use the real estate catalog of the site astaor.mediexpo.ru.
The user can disable the use of cookies by Google by visiting the page to disable cookies..
To change and disable the use of Google Analytics, the user can also use:

A description of Google’s advertising services and documentation regarding their use can be found at http://www.google.ru/intl/ru/services/, Google privacy policy published by reference.

Other tools for tracking attendance statistics and social media integration

You can block the above tools, including Google tools, by installing a browser plugin (extension) Ghostery.

Personal information
Your personal information, including your email address, cannot be shared with third parties, affiliated companies and marketing contractors. This information may be used with your consent only by our company for marketing purposes..

Privacy Policy Changes
Privacy Policy is subject to change. All changes made to this document will be published on this page..

In case of additional questions or doubts about the privacy policy, the user can contact the administration of astaor.mediexpo.ru by e-mail with a corresponding request: mik@mediexpo.ru.