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ASTAOR Course for Sports Doctors 2014

Date: April 18, 2014

Scientific program ASTAOR Course for sports doctors 2014

Course for sports doctors April 2014

April 18 at the Digital October Cultural Center held a training course for sports doctors and rehabilitologists “Joint injuries in athletes. What to do". The event was organized by the Association of Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopic and Orthopedic Surgeons, Rehabilitologists (ASTAOR), European Sports Traumatology and Orthopedics Clinic (ECSTO), Group of the European Medical Center (GEMC) and the International Institute of Postgraduate Education (MIPMO).

The event gathered about a hundred sports.          doctors from all over Russia, and the course chairpersons were ECSTO Chief Physician, Professor of Traumatology          RUDN Andrei Korolev, Head of the EMC Radiation Diagnostics Service, Professor Sergey Morozov          (Sergey Morozov) and chief doctor of the Russian national volleyball team, Yaroslav Smakotnin.

Joint injuries are among the most          common and dangerous injuries that not only permanently knock people out of sports, but also often          lead to disability. Modern traumatology has all the capabilities to treat even the most complex injuries, including conservative. How to do it, where it is developing and what's new offers sports medicine, was discussed on the training course.

The main speakers were Dr. ECSTO. The European Sports Traumatology and Orthopedics Clinic is known for its comprehensive approach to treating injuries, so our doctors have something to share with colleagues. They told about their successes in the training course Professor Andrey Korolev, Dr. Mansur Khansanshin (Khasanshin Mansur), Alexander Frolov (Frolov Aleksander), Igor Golubev (Golubev Igor), Dmitry Ilyin (Ilyin Dmitry), Maxim Sautin, Musa Maysigov (Maisigov Musa), Sergey Aksenov (Aksenov Sergei) and others. Alexander Korchagin, head of rehabilitation ECSTO, shared his professional secrets of how to quickly and effectively restore mobility joints, and Sergey Morozov spoke about modern methods of effective diagnosis of joint injuries.

As part of the training course, presentations were made          and well-known in their field specialists from other clinics, members of ASTAOR. Professor RNIMU them. Pirogov Guram          Lazishvili spoke about the damage to cartilage and the possibilities of its restoration, and Professor of the Department of Traumatology          PFUR Fedor Lazko and Member of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences (RAMTN), Professor Alexander Epifanov          delivered by the section chairs.

In addition, the event could         to get acquainted with the range of new products offered by manufacturers of orthopedic products, because         correct use of orthoses helps athletes recover more quickly from injuries, and compression underwear serves to prevent serious diseases. Representatives told about their new products and achievements. companies Bauerfeind (the largest manufacturer of bandages and orthoses) and medi (network of orthopedic salons), as well as The most advanced medical equipment supplier is Sante Medical Systems.

After the training course, all participants were able to express their opinions about what they heard and saw in the framework of scientific discussions, and in the end of the meeting to get special certificates.

“European Sports Traumatology Clinic and orthopedics ”thanks all participants and artners of the congress!


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